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LED street lamp 90W wind solar street light

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Product Specifications

  • Brand name:HYE

Product Description


Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light Solution


Advantages Compare with SolarStreet Lighting

●   Widerapplicable areas – hybrid system offers a much better reliability andsustainability to areas with less solar radiation level ,long rainy season orlong winter.

●   Longerbattery life – normally wind turbine generates more power during night, part ofpower generated will supply the light directly, part of power could charge thebattery during night, so less charging and discharging loss from battery andalso each battery charging cycle is prolonged.

●   Morecost-effective in windy areas – in the area with annual wind speed of 5-7m/s,wind solar hybrid system could have higher production to power higher capacityLED lights or more lights which could lower the system overall cost.

●   Easierinstallation & Maintenance – solar street light system cannot put bigger(max. 360W in two sections) PV panels on light pole considering wind load; windsolar hybrid system allows bigger capacity installed on light pole, which couldgenerate enough electricity to power 2-4 LED lights, which means one powersystem supply for 2-4 lights, it will be easy for installation and maintenance.

System Description:

   HYE Unicorn series hybridstreet lighting system is an intelligent, small scale and off-grid LED streetlight system

   Power system composed of a wind turbineand solar modules, AGM deep cycled batteries, controller to power one

   LED streetlight, this hybridstreetlight takes solar/wind as energy source and utilizes the energy forlights automatically during night by setting of timer or lighter sensor on thesmart controller


Unicorn Series - HY-SWL90 Wind Solar Hybrid Street Lightinclude

   HY Series small wind turbine HY-400  24V

   PV module - polycrystalline solar panel

   Light source - ultra bright LED streetlight 90W

  Controller – wind solar hybrid controller,automatic light controller ,automatic operation ,multi work mode ,over chargeprotection ,high wind protection ect.

   Energy Storage - sealed maintenancefree AGM gel deep cycled battery

  Battery Box –water proof design battery box

   Light pole – 10m light pole with 30m/swind resistance



Recommended Application

   Municipal Street, residential streets,country road, parking lots, landscape lighting, roundabouts, camp site, campus

   Applicable road type: two-wayfour-lane             

   Road width max.: 8 meters, lampdistance: 25 meters

   Average Illumination: 10-15 LUX dependson road width and lamp distance design

   Lamp placement: single sidedplacement/double sided parallel or cross placement



System Diagram



Typical Installation

System Specification


1. Above standard solution designed base on effectivesunshine 5 hours per day and project site annual average wind speed meetspeculated range in the above.

2. Above standard solution designed for battery backupfor 3 consecutive rainy and cloudy days.

3. Above standard solution designed base on 10 lightinghours, lighting hours can be customized base on specific requirement andproject site wind and solar resource condition

4. Light pole and light source shape can be customdesigned to fit better into landscape.

5. Optional split night lighting & Passive Infrared(PIR).

6. Above standard solutions for your reference only, foreach specific project HYE will design the complete system according to projectlocation wind and solar resource condition and specific requirement aboutground average LUX, illumination distribution, light color temperature etc. Acomplete system proposal will be provided by HYE with detailed data and graphicdiagrams included.

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